What People are Saying

"Alex is a knowledgeable and tech-savvy AMA host with the wide experience in working with projects of all sorts. He is absolutely passionate about his job and do his best to give your project an in-depth presentation."

- Vladlen 

"Alex is one of the best i've worked alongside with. Ambitious, ever present and involved in anything he's required to do, with time to spare to give a helping hand as well. He's worth it. Don't doubt that."

- Risk 

"Alex is one of the best representatives for teams voice chat needs that the space has to offer. He caters to each AMA channel individually and gets to know the hosts on a personable level. Engagement and being able to move the conversation along when it gets stale are 2 of the most important skills of a rep, and Alex excels in both fields. Not to mention the fact that he will literally learn your project from top to bottom for the presentation. 5/5 would have Alex on the channel any time of day for a discussion.

If your team is missing a voice chat representative for your project, don't hesitate to send him a message."

- VenomXVII, VenoMCalls Telegram 

"It's been nearly one year that I am working with Alex, Absolutely amazing skills, very professional, truthful and upfront about everything from day one, highly recommending him to all of our customers. Proud to have him in our team, always doing his best and advising in a good way."

Best regards,

- Squale 

"He was A1 steaksauce. Even was able to answer the legendary wen mewn question."

- Deefetus Yeeletus 

"Alex co-hosted with us at t.me/shillseals as a hired speaker for InsuranceFI. Really professional and knowledgeable."

- Wakame Salad 

"Alexandru has the gift of an excellent AMA host , and we are more then lucky to have him at Phoenix Holdings.

I would recommend his services to anyone looking for someone thrust worthy, and with the knowledge he has.

Thank you Alex"

- Criiistii, Phoenix Holdings 

"Alex is a great personality with a vast experience of working with many projects. He is quite old in defi world which helps him to cover all helps for projects he work in."

- Rb 

"Best host!"

- Jay 

"There is definitely something special upcoming whenever Alex hops on Voice Chats! The way he appraises projects is something that you don't see often with other hosts. Very reputable as well."

- Larsson 

"Alex is an honest and professional host and spokesperson. Every AMA I have had with him has been consistently high quality and done with passion. Good work"

- Virt